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Sometimes "close enough" is acceptable. When it comes to managing finances for a business, though, close enough doesn't cut it — just ask the IRS. That leaves business owners with two choices: suffer through taxes and bookkeeping alone by poring over papers and subtracting box 36 from box 24 or hire an accountant and a bookkeeper. Then there's the option of killing two birds with one stone by calling R&S Accounting in Pelham, Alabama, and hiring both at the same time.

With more than 15 years' experience as an office manager and more than four years owning R&S Accounting, Rebecca Stanton isn't your average accountant. She's not your average bookkeeper, either. She's a certified accountant, a savvy bookkeeper, and a small-business owner all rolled into one. Best of all, she loves her work almost as much as she loves the clients she's been helping year after year. In fact, when Rebecca decided to make this big career change — preceded by earning her degree in accounting and finance — that enjoyment played a major role in her decision: "I just decided I could go to work every day and enjoy it if I was doing this type of work."

So in 2008, while still juggling her day job, Rebecca went back to school to study accounting and finance before opening R&S in 2011, the year she graduated. Skip ahead four years, and it's clear that she made a good decision. The company has a growing list of satisfied customers and, thanks to strong demand, one employee (a professional bookkeeper). But R&S was not Rebecca's first experience in the world of number crunching. She did a lot in the way of tax preparation and bookkeeping at her former job and she was always the go-to person for friends and family when it came time to file taxes. Why? Because she's good at what she does and she has a unique approach.

Rebecca notes that many accountants hired for tax preparation offer little help after tax season is over. "When I take on a client, I'm connected with them for the entire year," says Rebecca. That connection means getting to know and understand her clients and making sure she's available. "The communication between me and my client is very personal," she says, "I take the time to get to know the client and what they want." Does that mean that Rebecca spends time with each client rather than pushing them out the door right after they file and hand her a check? Yes, yes it does.

"A lot of times they don't get [their tax return filed] that day," says Rebecca of her process, "but that's because I want to meet with them and they like that because they're not rushed through the door." Funny to think that in a world of speed and immediate gratification, a bit of extra time is a welcome thing. But taxes aren't something that anyone should be rushed through.

And though the individuals served by R&S Accounting certainly get above-average service, business clients make out nicely as well, thanks to the company's multi-service offerings and simple pricing structure. "We offer everything [accounting, bookkeeping, payroll] under one roof," says Rebecca before going on to explain the unique package offerings at R&S. As opposed to only offering hourly rates, which are still available, R&S provides packaged services at a flat fee as a way of keeping everything simple for the business owner. "I understand a small business and how some people work on very low revenue and they need help," says Rebecca who, you'll remember, is a small-business owner herself. "That's where I come in."

A small business that values small businesses and can navigate the complexities of the IRS? Yes. Too good to be true? Nope.

Just as Rebecca knows the importance of hiring a good accountant and bookkeeper, she also knows the importance of finding good insurance and a good insurance company. For R&S Accounting, that company is insureon. "I looked at several different companies, and when I came across insureon it seemed like the perfect fit," said Rebecca of her experience online and on the phone. Yes, the price was reasonable and the coverage was what she needed, but it was more than that: when communicating with insureon, she said, "I felt that same personal effect that I like to give to my clients. That was big for me." It's big for insureon, too.

Now, with small business insurance taken care of, R&S Accounting is free to focus on clients, numbers, and the art of being "spot on" where "close enough" simply won't cut it. Sure, R&S may still never convince you to like the IRS, but it will help make dealing with taxes a lot easier.

To learn more about R&S Accounting, visit http://www.rscentral1040.com.

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