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As the owner of a small accounting firm, you don't have much time to waste reading dozens of articles about your risk management and small business insurance. Most small-business owners find insurance confusing enough without being overloaded with information.

That's why we've trimmed down the crucial insurance information that accountants and finance professionals need to know to protect their firm. Browse the free resources below to learn:

  • What does insurance typically cost for an accounting firm?
  • What insurance coverage do you need?
  • How can you minimize the risk of a lawsuit?

Risk Management Guides for Accountants and Finance Professionals

Read our free eBooks and articles to learn about strategies to reduce your risk of lawsuits and cover your financial liabilities.

Business Growth Center: Run Your Small Business Better

Our insurance experts update a blog called "Accounting for Risk" with articles explaining your small business risks and giving you tips on running your business more effectively.

Risk Management Q&A for Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Prep Firms

Have questions about insurance for accountants? Browse our FAQs or submit a question to our insurance experts.

Sample Insurance Quotes and Certificates

To get an idea of what insurance costs for the typical small accounting firm, RIA, or bookkeeper, look at these sample insurance quotes.

Also, check out this sample insurance certificate, which shows what your proof-of-insurance will look like and explains when you'll need to use a proof-of-insurance with clients and contractors.

Insurance Designed for Finance Professionals

For free quotes on insurance custom-designed for accounting, investing, and financial professionals, submit an online insurance application. Our insurance experts will send you free quotes right to your inbox.

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Sample certificates
See a sample Certificate of Liability Insurance, the proof of coverage you need for most contracts.
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Sample Quotes & Cost Estimates
See what insurance really costs: actual quotes by policy & specialty.
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Ask A Question
Submit your questions about small business insurance and get answers from our experts.
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