Small Business, Big Numbers
An Accountant's Guide to Landing and Keeping Small Business Clients

Chapter 2: How to Attract and Keep Small Business Clients
Part 1: What Small Business Clients Want and Why They Leave
Why Small Businesses Switch Accountants

Nearly half of the businesses surveyed in the study New browser window icon. switched CPAs at one point during the life of the business. Their top reasons for leaving their accountant?

  • The CPA failed to give proactive business advice.
  • The CPA demonstrated poor responsiveness.
  • A trusted contact referred a new accountant to the business.
  • The CPA lacked expertise.
  • The CPA's fees were too high.
  • The CPA relied on old technology or was inadequately staffed.
  • The business had no personal relationship with the CPA.

These responses show that communication is key. If you can provide planning services, financial advice, and maintain working relationships with your clients, you have a good chance of holding on to your clients. Find out what they want and meet them halfway. Embrace technological tools and keep educating yourself on better ways for your clients to run their businesses.

For some more insight on the referenced study, check out The Sleeter Group's blog New browser window icon..

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