Small Business, Big Numbers
An Accountant's Guide to Landing and Keeping Small Business Clients

Chapter 2: How to Attract and Keep Small Business Clients
Part 2: Keeping Small Business Clients Happy Means More Services, More Revenue
Strategies for Increasing Revenue from Existing Small Business Clients

Based on the research we've examined so far, it's clear that you stand to gain a lot from offering more services. But if you already have a number of small business clients, how do you get them to sign up for more than just tax preparation? Consider these tactics:

  • Update marketing materials (website, brochures, etc.) with key pain points for small businesses. Show that you have a solution to the problem as they see it.
  • Update messaging with existing clients to promote your other services. If you've performed these services for them in the past, remind them.
  • Discuss the value of meeting several times per year to manage finances. It makes tax time easier for you and gives clients a better idea of how their business is doing. Schedule intermittent appointments at your tax-time meeting.
  • Introduce "value-added" services like reminder emails about paying quarterly taxes and updates on ACA requirements. Go above and beyond, letting your clients know that you're on the same page as they are.
  • Communicate in person or on the phone and introduce your broader range of services beyond tax preparation. Clients may not know you offer financial planning, for example.
  • Consider offering services at an introductory rate for a limited time or for referred clients. Be sure to send reminder emails and post the offer on your firm's social media pages.
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Increase revenue by selling more services to existing clients.

By taking a proactive approach in educating and advising your client, you may find a need that's unfilled. They may not even realize it themselves. Explore the client's wants and see if you can aid them with your expertise. If the fit is right, you'll both benefit.

The important thing is not to box yourself in and not to let your client box you in. You're more than a bean counter, after all. For more client management tips, check out the blog post, "3 Tips to Make Life Easier for You and Your Small Business Clients."

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