Small Business, Big Numbers
An Accountant's Guide to Landing and Keeping Small Business Clients

Chapter 2: How to Attract and Keep Small Business Clients
Part 2: Keeping Small Business Clients Happy Means More Services, More Revenue

The results of the Sleeter survey New browser window icon. and GoDaddy survey New browser window icon. cited earlier indicate that taxes, accounting, and finances are a real pain point for a lot of small-business owners. They show that finances are the most unpleasant part of running a business, and the expertise needed to confidently handle them is still in high demand. Business owners' responses show that what they want is an expert who can guide them and an accountant they can trust. Fees are less important than the feeling that they're in good hands.

It follows, then, that meeting this demand can be beneficial for both you and your clients. By offering more services, you strengthen client relationships, improve communication, and provide an additional revenue source for your practice.

Your role as an accountant in the coming years may require you to tackle analytics, new accounting software, and other innovative methods for assisting small-business owners, investing in learning to use these tools is likely to pay off.

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