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As a financial planner, you're responsible for your client's financial health. There's a lot resting on your shoulders. Your clients look to you for stability and assistance in achieving financial goals, whether it's buying a home, managing their retirement fund, or simply improving household cash flow. But what if something went wrong?

A downturn in the economy or miscalculation could mean your client's financial situation is suddenly at risk, and you could be facing a lawsuit that alleges you failed in your professional duties. And CFPs face more than just professional liabilities. You could be sued for property damage, injuries, or workplace accidents. Your risk management plan will also have to account for basic business risks.

Financial planners typically invest in a few business insurance policies to cover their professional liabilities and other risks that could leave them reeling in legal debt.

Below is a list of small business insurance policies our agents can customize for financial planners:

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You're used to helping clients think through every possibility and plan ahead so that they have the funds available to weather any storm. Do your business the same favor: complete an application today, and we'll send you quotes for insurance policies that can help you manage whatever comes your way — lawsuits, property damage, and more. Once you've submitted your applications, one of our agents will be in touch with you to help you choose the policy or policies that make the most sense based on the kind of risks your business is exposed to and the kinds of recovery efforts you can afford.

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