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As a registered investment adviser, you know that the first step to helping your clients manage their wealth is to ask them about the level of risk they're willing to accept. You know that even smart investments can be upended by unpredictable events, and you need to make sure clients are prepared for that possibility.

In much the same way, your business's finances are exposed to risk. A workplace accident, slip-and-fall injury, bad investment, or economic downturn could lead to lawsuits filed against your financial advising business.

To counter this risk exposure, many RIAs invest in small business insurance. Insureon's agents specialize in risk management for RIAs and customize our insurance policies to cover lawsuits and other unexpected financial strains that could threaten your firm.

Below is a list of small business insurance policies our agents can customize for financial advisers:

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When you're ready to provide your business with the same kind of risk management attention you offer your clients, take a few minutes to fill out an application for business insurance. We'll send you quotes for policies that can help you manage your risks by providing funds to help you recover when a worst-case scenario happens. Once you've submitted your application, one of our agents will be in touch with you to help you choose the policy or policies that make the most sense based on your exposures.

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