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Whether you work in financial education or debt management, as a credit and debt counselor you know that clients come to you when they're in dire straits. They're looking for counselors to help them escape an avalanche of debt and rebuild their credit. Because your clients face huge uncertainty, they're looking for someone trustworthy. How do you distinguish your firm? Being an accredited, insured credit and debt counselor sets you apart from the competition. And it helps protect your company.

Say a client sues you when their credit score drops after enrolling in your debt management plan. A lawsuit could cost thousands, but fortunately, small business insurance protects you from the cost of a professional liability lawsuit. Whether you run a non-profit credit counseling service or a for-profit debt management business, insureon's agents can customize an insurance policy to cover your lawsuit risks, insure your offices, and help you meet professional standards.

Below is a list of the credit and debt counseling insurance policies our agents can customize for your business:

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You see every day how unsettling financial uncertainty can be, so why should you live with it in your business? Take a few minutes to fill out an online insurance application, and one of our agents will send you quotes for policies that can help ensure you have the funds to deal with and recover from whatever unexpected events affect your business. After you've submitted your application, you'll hear from an agent who can help you choose the policy or policies that suit your budget and your risk exposure so that your business remains financially stable now and in the future.

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