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Stockbrokers have a special place in American lore, standing as symbols of success, risk, and insight. People expect big things from you. When you go to a party and tell people you're a broker, their ears perk up as if you could make them rich with a few quick tips.

In reality, your work is more about caution than people realize. You built your brokerage through years of work learning your trade and establishing a reputation. Over the years, you've also learned about the risks that come in your industry. Financial mismanagement, miscommunications, fraud, theft — these risks could strip you and your clients of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, stockbrokers can get small business insurance policies that cover some of their biggest risks. Below are the insurance policies that insureon's agents can customize for your firm. Because our insurance agents specialize in stockbroker insurance

Stockbrokers: Find Customized Coverage Today

Just as you can reduce the risks of a client's stock portfolio with strategic management, you can reduce the chances that an unexpected event will devastate your business. The key ingredient for the latter is business insurance. And because your brokerage isn't the same as any other brokerage, your insurance plan shouldn't be a cookie-cutter model of someone else's. Complete an online application today, and you'll receive multiple quotes for coverage in your email inbox. One of our agents will contact you to help you choose the coverage plan that suits the specific risks you face every day.

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